Saturday, 23 April 2011

Black and Mustard Yellow Sakura Kimono - Outfit 4

I have a habit of colour coordinating my obi-age and obi-jime so this time I am going to break it.

I use the same gold metallic obi-jime but the obi-age is actually not an obi-age!  A few weeks ago there was a vintage sale and there was tons of scarves to chose from.  I brought a lot for making kanzashi but I also picked up a couple which were perfect for my kimono accessories.

This is a navy blue scarf and it has a white and yellow dot pattern all over it.  Again this ties in nicely with the yellow and hint of blue on the kimono as well as the flowers theme.

And since this is a floral kimono, why not go full out and add a daisy pattern han-eri which was given to me by Shelia.  It doesn't stand out as must as a white han-eri but it gives the outfit a modern feel which is good.

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