Monday, 23 May 2011

Black and Mustard Yellow Sakura Kimono - Outfit 5

First off, I'm sorry for not posting anything for a long time but I have been very busy with exam revision, sorting out etsy store and generally keeping up with the admin side of my online presence.

Without further comment here is outfit 5.

These pictures are also the debut of my new dressmakers dummy! I have named her Miffy because she is silent. It was strangely hard to dress Miffy because she has a hard body however as she doesn't move I was able to get the collar nice and curved at the back!

So how have I accessories her then?

Obi - Black and red hakata obi
Obi-jime - Dusky pink
Obi-age - Bright pink-red
Han-eri - White and red flowers on grey.

This obi is actually a kid's obi but I love the colour and with a slight modification, I should be able to wear it.

And since I have Miffy to dress I can now show off the back.

Question, what do people think about a series of musubi step by step tutorial? I'm only asking because I would like to create some but what would people prefer to see? A) a video of the musubi being tied or B) a series of photos (with detail explanations) of musubi being tied?

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