Monday, 16 May 2011

Musubi in action

So after a couple of days playing with my obi and then asking a load of people which one to wear.  I have the results of my work!

It was the best day possible for my friend's wedding.  Never has Glasgow seen such a nice sunny day and it was perfect for me as there was a nice breeze throughout the day.  Therefore I was not suffering at all under three layers.

In the end, I choose a rose musubi which looks a little squashed in the photo but I couldn't help it as I had to stick in the back of a taxi.

Unfortunately this obi is feeling its age so I will need to stop using it for fancy musubi and keep it for only otaiko musubi using the obi clip to keep the strain low on the obi.  Shame really as I love this obi as it goes with so many of my special occasion kimono.

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