Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Black and Mustard Yellow Sakura Kimono - Outfit 9

Time to dig out an old dress from my teens.

Yes this dress is 11 years old and I still haven't found an occasion to wear it until now. Okay I'm not wearing but I'm going to use it which is close enough.

My previous attempts to make a steampunk inspired kimono outfit left me wondering. What would the outfit look like if I could create a bigger bustle effect. hmmmmmmmm.........

Well it would look like this.

I thought it would be a shame to hide the dress under the kimono so like before, I pulled the kimono so you can see the lower half clearly.

Then I made the kimono collar low as well so you can see the opening at the front. You will also notice that the traditional white juban collar is missing. This is on purpose because for once I just wanted to have black against the kimono. However looking back the addition of the colour white wouldn't be bad although a red collar would be better to complement the obi-jime.

Now the bustle part. As I folded the kimono up in half at the waist, this gave me loads of fabric to play with. Therefore I pulled it all back to create this bustle.

This is much better then the previous attempt and you definitely at the big bum effect.

This side shot gives a nice clear view of the poofiness that is possible!

It would be a shame to ruin the look with a musubi that would deflate the bustle effect so I tied a tsunodashi variation with my obi. Its isn't the proper one because my obi is a bit short.

Anyway what do you think?


Obi - Black ro nagoya.
Dress - Something brought a long time ago.
Obi Jime - Dusky pink


  1. I like this outfit, some cool accessoires and it'll be really smashing!
    The musubi however looks a bit lost in my opinion. Maybe a bunko with widend up, hanging down bow, would be good?

  2. I wanted the musubi to blend into the bustle so you would be concentrating on the fabric.

    However you are right. If I had a black fukuro obi then a bunko might be nice but it would sit quite high up on the back. You might get a bump on the back from the bunko and then another bump for the bustle. I think I would need to make the musubi slope down a bit so you get a gradual back silhouette. Something to think about.

  3. Mh, that's true, it might look odd when the musubi is too high.
    Perhaps a tsunodashi isn't that bad to start with, maybe tyeing it "wider" would be better to balance it.
    I count on you finding an solution on this small problem, and then I'm looking forward to pictures of it worn (^.^)

  4. Sound like I need to make a black fukuro obi!