Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Black and Mustard Yellow Sakura Kimono - Outfit 10

My chance to use my black corset has come.

Previously I couldn't use it because Miffy was too big for my corset. I never realised how much my corset reduced my waist! Anyway since I removed all the padding and juban from her I could set the waist measurements to the smallest setting and get on with the kitsuke!

The one thing I had to keep in mind was the use of additional ties. I do not think a human being could cope with having koshihimo and a corset wrapped tightly around their waist. So there is only a korin belt (around the chest) under the corset.

So you are wondering, if there is no koshihimo holding up the kimono, how did I arrange the skirt part? Simply, I used a elastic koshihimo to arrange the skirt, then put on the corset before pulling off the koshihimo.

Unfortunately once the corset is on you can't make re-arrangements easily hence the back doesn't look symmetrical but I think I can make it neater the next time.

This outfit give a silhouette that is more familiar for the West and thus is very flattering. Who doesn't look good in a corset.

Normally there would only be a 2-3 inch gap showing at the back but I wasn't about to crush Miffy, she has feelings you know!


Dress - Same one as outfit 9.
Corset - Black Voller corset (can't remember which style).

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  1. Amazing! I love it. Especially how you arranged the back part showing the red.